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West London Business School 2West London Business School (WLBS) is an educational institution, registered in the U. K. (07096481). The main activity of the School is education at different levels. The School continues the long tradition in executive education of The Megatrend International Expert Consortium Limited and John Naisbitt University (Since 1989). For 27 years many prominent experts and professors were teaching and many of them still have been teaching at these institutions:

WLBS has many cooperations, specially in the U.K. For many years WLBS and London and Thames Velly Chamber of Commerce have been doing many projects. One of the most famous events is World famous forum „Windsor Debates“ where WLBS actively participates. Also, WLBS and London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) cooperate in organization of join educational programmes at many levels. There are many other international cooperations with educational institutions from all over the World. WLBS offers a special courses in the field of national and international security and counter-terrorism. In this field, the School engaged the most famous World experts.


Professors, teachers and experts in the field of economics, management and social sciences.


West London Business School 1WLBS offers post-graduate diplomas (on-line studies) in the field of economics, social sciences, management, law, national and international security, computing sciences (IT and communications) and art and design. In all fields we offer master degrees.

All programmes are being studied on-line and the duration of studies depends on your previous education and your professional experience.

The studies are fully accredited via John Naisbitt University which is a member of the European unique educational space and controlled by The European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA). Also, John Naisbitt University is certificated by American Quality Association – AQA (ISO 9001), which means that the diplomas are being fully recognized worldwide.

This year we offer: 1. Master of national and international security (MIS), 2. Master of business administration (MBA), and 3. Master of international business (MIB) on-line studies. The duration of studies is 12 weeks for each of the programmes.

Basic requirements are: undergraduate diploma from accredited or non-accredited school; three, so called – „differential exams“ (only for students with non-accredited degrees) which should be passed by the end of studies and which are not conditional for the beggining of studies.

1. Master of National and International Security Programme


• Obligatory
1. Security Threats and Challenges (terrorism, organized crimes, ethnic conflicts, human trafficking).
2. The Concepts of national Security.
3. Intelligence and National Security.
4. International Security.
5. The Research Methodology.

• Elective (candidate chose one)
1. Energy Security.
2. Religiously Motivated Violence.
3. Insurgency & Counterinsurgency in the Age of Terrorism.

2. Master of Business Administration

1. Finance Management
2. Finance Exchanges and Markets.
3. Strategic Management.
4. Leadership.
5. Global Business.

3. Master of International Business

1. Strategic Management.
2. Finance Management.
3. Global Macroeconomics.
4. Global Learning.
5. Marketing in International Business.